About Me:

My Resume


I'm a diverse graphic artist with specialties in animation utilizing popular gaming engines and cutting edge visual technologies. I have spent many years learning what it takes to gain the skill sets necessary to be competitive in the graphic arts and as a result have earned a B.S. in Animation from West Wood College.

A 3D Artist

Modeler / Game Artist


Westwood College Denver North

Animation / Game Design

Westwood College Denver Colorado, Bachelors of Science in Animation, Graduated March 2009

To achieve a position in a high quality work environment where I can use the skills I have learned and enjoy using. To benefit and grow with your corporation and or company using forward thinking and new innovations.

• Designed custom drill prints for PPM and making a pocket book on how to make basic drills.

• Custom design production from layout to full animation

• 2D/3D Animation Design

• Game Design

Activities and Interests:

• Design tools for 3d Animation through Software in character design, animation and gaming.

• Hiking, Photography, Fishing, Camping and enjoy the outdoors.


• Game Design, Animation, Learning my own Custom Built Linux Operating Systems.

Past Work Experience:

Job position - Drill Maker /tool grinder: At Lv Swiss

January 12, 2015- to Current

Job position - Drill maker - Machinist: At Premier Precision Machining (P.P.M)
July 22, 2008 - 2015

In charge of making carbide drill bits for Swiss screw machines, maintain machines and keep them running for production of high quality screw machined parts.

Job position- Drill Maker - At R.M. Precision Swiss Machining
April 16, 1999 - April 16, 2007

In Charge of Making High quality Carbide Drill Bits for 35 Swiss Screw machines at RM Precision machining. Other duties include, bead blaster and material bay.

Job position - Pin Setter and Pin mechanic - At Brentwood Bowling Alley
1992 - 2003

In charge of oiling the lanes, Setting pins for League Bowling Tournaments, and Mechanic on the Pin Machines.

Software Program Specialties:

• All Adobe Master Collection

• Autodesk Maya 7 and 8.5

• Autodesk 3DS Max 7

• Linux

• Mac OS

• Windows

• Blender 3D

Special Skills:

Adobe Suite CS4

​Autodesk Maya

Blender 3D

FPS Creator Reloaded Game Engine

Unreal Engine 3

Unity 3D